Tuesday, July 17, 2007

hey mellie. wah. the blog is old. or we're old. haha. either way. still OLD. it's funny, and kinda sad, how i haven't really been giving this blog any notice until you posted and it suddenly popped up on my blogger dashboard. so thanks dear.

was just doing some thinking.

my jc friends don't know me as you guys know me. you all know my faults and yet, you somehow accepted me. we somehow accepted each other. i guess that's the beauty of being at an age where you feel that you can trust anyone, everyone. i wish it's like that now. but i've started to become more cautious of revealing too much because i've seen what it can do when you provide ammo for people to hurt you. so i become less than who i am around other people. just less.

and sometimes that withdrawal just spills over and i'm sorry if i seem quieter. and not really there there.

oh. it's sort of interesting how i feel somewhat uncomfortable when i say things like "i love you" to my current group of friends, when it's so second nature to declare it to anyone of you guys and not be typed-cast as "oh-she's-in-one-of-those-girls'-school mood again" or "is she alright?" type of looks. they just don't understand do they. ah well. too bad for them then.

i suppose now would be a better time to ask for forgiveness cos there might not be another moment and just like that song from that person, time has a habit of slipping away. i want to apologize if i've ever hurt anyone in the past in one way or another. i really didn't mean to. and i wouldn't have realised it since i was so absorbed then. maybe i still am now. i'm so sorry.

okay. i think i'm in such a melodramatic pity-me-pity-me mood cos i'm having my period and i'm having moodswings so yearh. take this post as a one-off thing from me. hahah.

i'll see you people soon. love you all badbadbadly. missing you guys already.

There's the people whom you've known forever, who know you in this way that other people can't. Because they've seen you change.. They've let you change.
-Angela, My So-Called Life

thanks to every single one of you. thanks for liking the little geek in me. (:

siti* @ 5:30 PM the beginning with you (:

Thursday, July 12, 2007

i read thru the archive of OUR blog, and realised how long we have been friends for. it's amazing.
the last post was more than a year ago. and im blogging without knowing whether anyone will read this.
from sweet sixteen, to this year when we're nineteen. gosh. i miss you guys! can we meet up soon?!

mellie @ 4:38 PM the beginning with you (:

Thursday, June 01, 2006

oh yeah, who's staying over? we could borrow movies to watch all night or something.

mello. @ 10:50 PM the beginning with you (:

Sunday, May 21, 2006

all right, here's an update on june: i've booked both pits for 9th june, friday, from 4pm to 10pm. and i've agreed not to throw anything in. (unspoken agreement regarding bubbles and people) but if you want to jump in, that's fine, as long as you're in swim wear of some sort. or just hope no one sees. har har. oh yeah, and my parents will be out of town, so we have to settle the food etc ourselves.. so tell me what you want to eat! be reasonable, my oven doesn't work very well, so no baking unless you do it in your own home hur hur. and do you want to mess around in the pool before that or what? throw up some suggestions! or i'll suggest cycling at a hellish speed at east coast =D oh, and anyone interested in staying over? i'll need to ask permission for that though, since they'll be overseas. and, using me as a bait is not allowed. what makes you think that throwing me into the pool might induce anyone to follow suit?? i'd just scream bloody blue murder and drag everyone else in.

oh and mellie, hope you're resting well.. hols coming up soon! and the only people with exams this coming sat are nanz and i. =( anyone else wants to come along to watch x-men on sat night? be warned, i think the fire guy is hot, and i will expound at length on it.

and so, let me know. thanks. lots of love and some hidden affection.

mello. @ 9:37 PM the beginning with you (:

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

okay, latest date: 9th june. any objections / further suggestions? message me or reply to this directly, thanks.

mello. @ 6:03 PM the beginning with you (:

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

okay. so. is the 8th better?

mello. @ 11:07 PM the beginning with you (:

I'm free too!!! yeah! this time we can actually eat real bbq food instead of cup noodles. :):):)

nanz @ 6:23 PM the beginning with you (:


Eunice Ng @ 5:00 PM the beginning with you (:

Monday, May 08, 2006

is everyone free 7th june for a bbq? let me know soon (this means REPLY) so that i can book the pits. thanks! =)

mello. @ 11:13 PM the beginning with you (: is a road and i wanna keep going
love is a river i wanna keep flowing
life is a road now and forever wonderful journey...

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never gonna forget the memories we've shared;
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